Tips: For Users Who Stay Online Too Much

We realize that not all tips work for everyone. So just choose what works for you. As more ideas come up we hope to share them so check in again at another point in time.

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1) Buy a cheap timer switch from your local hardware. Set the time to allow yourself a half hour of browsing and then have it turn off your computer and monitor.

2) After viewing each email, take a walk around the block.

3) Ask a friend, spouse to come by after a half hour to remind you to shut off the computer. If you don’t so immediately they are to have full permission to pull the plug out of the wall.

4) Take a break from browsing by telling yourself that it’ll be for just a few minutes. But don’t just sit there, do a useful task during this time. See how long you last.

5) Browse the internet right before eating (when hungry) but not while eating.

6) Drink 3 large cups of water and then browse the internet. See how long you last.

7) Browse the internet with your back to a window so you can’t see who is watching you but they can see what content you are viewing.

8 ) Get a program or script to automatically shut your computer after a while. (Click me)

9) Try a new hobby and is not internet related.

10) Volunteer an hour in a hospital or school.

11) Use Gmail (or another program) to schedule an automatic pop-up and/or email to yourself to help you remind you that enough is enough. See #4 on this webpage


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