Tips: For Adult Content Addicts

1) Ordering a content filter such as safe eyes and get a accountability partner to administrate your account.

2) Pick up the guitar, camera or discover a passion that replaces the compulsive behavior.

3) Move the computer to a open room, not a closed area.

4) Get rid of all DVDs, erase disk of all content before installing a content filter.

5) Get a child lock on your cable tv plan to avoid stumbling upon channels at night. Change to a plan if you don’t need 100 channels.

6) Knowing the stages and gaining knowledge about the adult content addiction.

7) Talk with a local religious leader, go to to 12 step meetings or professional staff.

8) Think of the addiction recovery as one day at the time. The word forever can be a obstacle for your recovery.

9) If your marriage/relationship still stand a slightest chance. Be completely honest and transparent, show her that you love yourself enough to not allow this into both yours and their life.

10) Studies have proven that after 90 days in sobriety the urges wears off.

11) Think of the urges like a wave. A wave reaches is maximum height and goes down again. A moment of lust/urges does not extend into eternity, but goes away after a short amount of time.

12) Consider that those who are being viewed on such sites can be poor, destitute or being taken advantaged of in some way. Would it be right to patronize those websites who are exploiting such people?

(#1 – #11 taken from


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