Filters Help But They Do Not Replace Common Sense

    Filters Help But They Do Not Replace Common Sense

So you “got with the program” and decided to install a filter on your computer.

After a bit of asking around you decided to use whichever filter your friend uses at home.

You can now relax and forget about your child or spouse accessing the wrong sites right?

Maybe and maybe not.

While internet filters are definitely the way to go; they do not necessarily hermetically keep out the wrong content from your computer.

In fact, the writer can identify no less than five distinct ways to try to circumvent an internet filter and use an otherwise blocked computer to browse ANY website.

Not all of the ways to circumvent and internet filter will always work for a given computer but all one needs is just one way around it.

One might hope to be enlightened as to how to do this but that is not within the scope of this article.

The point is that one still needs to use common sense and keep an eye on the behavior patterns of the usage of a computer in order to really protect users from the internet.

Know The User

For best results, know whom you are dealing with.

Does the child/spouse have know computers well? Or are they simple users.

If ones child or spouse do not really know much about computers, it is possible that a properly installed and configured internet filter is all one needs.

However if they are computer savvy, there is a good chance that they will be competent enough and possibly determined enough find a workaround against an internet filter.

If it is possible, it is recommended to have the computer in an open area where others pass by. This can discourage a user from visiting sites that they don’t want others to know about should they be successful in circumventing an internet filter

Whatever You Do, Don’t Just Rely On The Browser

While it is tempting to rely on the parent controls of a given internet browser because it is right there and built in, don’t fool yourself.

One can set whatever level of content restrictions they want, however it wouldn’t prevent a child/spouse from downloading another internet browser and surfing wherever they want.

There can be endless possibilities to be on the lookout for when trying to prevent internet usage abuse so there’s no point trying to spell out all the possible holes in securing a computer.

To summarize, if one must have a computer where their child/spouse has access to it, it is recommended to install an internet filter on the computer.

However, one should not solely rely on the filter but one should keep on top of things or there is no telling what, in fact, is really going on.

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