How To Create An Internet Mission Statement


What is an Internet Mission Statement?


It is simply a list of what you intend to accomplish before you go online. This sets the boundaries which allow you to manage your time online.

How It Works:

Before you sit down to go online make a list of what your goals are.

For example, if you are going online to research a topic for a report then decide which sites you intend to visit and limit your clicking of the mouse on links that have direct relevance to your topic.

It is likely that you as your browse the various sites on the internet, you might see another topic that you once wanted to read on and it will be tempting to digress from your current task.

Resist the temptation for no other reason than the topic does not fall under you Internet Mission Statement for the current session.

If done consistently, you should find yourself getting more done in less time.

To Summarize

Anything that does not fit with our “Internet Mission Statement” should not be visited. for the duration of the given internet session.


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