How Internet Addiction Begins

How Internet Addiction Begins

As a network administrator, I can’t say how many times I have tracked a computer user’s log of how it happens.

They first check their email. (“what’s wrong with that?”). After a few minutes I see them check the news. (“hey, I gotta know what’s going on in the world.”) The news site happens to have a flashy ad or a racy topic. The semi-innocent click on the link brings one to the next level and the next level and so on.

After repeating this behavior pattern a number of times, presto the user finds themselves another statistic in internet addiction.

Sometimes they regret it and stop for a while; others might not be as lucky and they start to depend on the “high” that they experience when surfing..

Feel free to replace “news” with “sports”, “shopping”, “financials” or whatever applies to the given situation. Unfortunately, the scenario works well with these too.

A little quiet time reflecting about this topic might help us work out for what and for how long it is appropriate to use the internet.

See “How To Create An Internet Mission Statement” on the right menu. —-> or click here


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