Facebook Without Pictures

If one wants to access Facebook text-only (and avoid all pictures) follow these steps.

(I use Firefox but this might also work in other browsers. The browser needs to be able to filter out pictures by specific website.)

1) If you do not already use FireFox, download a copy.
2) Firefox allows one to block pictures from a specific site only. Here are the instructions for versions 3.#.# (a fairly recent version of Firefox) Click…
a) Tools
b) Options
c) Click on the “Exceptions” button across from the “Load images automatically” check box. It should be the second such button from the top in Firefox version 3.#.#
d) In the text box of Address of web site: type in “fbcdn.net” without the quotes
e) Click on the “Block” button
f) Click “Close”
3) Go to http://m.facebook.com/ instead of http://facebook.com/

You will get all text and no pictures.


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